Simple solutions to strategic product development challenges

From highly advanced medical device design to creative packaging designs and consumer products, users demand products that perform exceedingly well and appeal to their aesthetic expectations. If money was no object, this process would be easy. But, of course, you must engineer and manufacture products in the most cost-efficient manner possible with the highest quality.
At TKDG, we’ve been creating simple and elegant new product designs to satisfy strategic product development challenges for more than 30 years. As a leading industrial design consulting firm, we’ve successfully applied our “Design to Simplify” process to create hundreds of breakthrough industrial product design innovations in:

• Medical device design, orthopedic instrument design
• Consumer products design
• Complex equipment design
• Creative packaging design
• Engineering design

TKDG serves the rapidly changing needs of Fortune 500 companies and small venture funded companies that need industrial design services. Choose any or all of our end-to-end services from early stage concept development, computer modeling, product design, prototyping, engineering, materials analysis and sourcing, to manufacturing packaging, and branding.

Breakthrough innovation in industrial design

TKDG's holistic product design methodology, ”Design to Simplify”, reduces every strategic product development project into its most basic elements—users' expectations, functional requirements, design excellence, and manufacturability.
Our industrial design projects range in scale and complexity from hand-held instruments to complex orthopedic instrument design, from diagnostic equipment to consumer products and creative packaging design. Our team approach integrates technical, economic, and management expertise into the planning and design of your product.
By discovering opportunities and creating the unexpected, we’ve won numerous design awards and been awarded more than 40 national and international utility and design patents with a number of patents currently pending.

A reputation for delivering industrial product design excellence

In addition to patents and design awards, TKDG’s reputation for excellence has been documented by a list of satisfied clients. To see a sampling of what customers say about our work, click here.

“As designers, we have an obligation to create new product designs that solve problems people face in their everyday activities. To find the best solution for every industrial design challenge, we listen to the user, listen to our clients, and listen to the manufacturer.”
Kazuna Tanaka  Principal & President, Tanaka Kapec Design Group, Inc.

“Winning awards is always gratifying, but never as gratifying as seeing our clients succeed in the marketplace with an innovative new product design and protective patents that results from creative design.”
Jeffrey Kapec  Principal & Executive Vice President, Tanaka Kapec Design Group, Inc.


Kazuna Tanaka


Kazuna Tanaka is a Principal and President of Tanaka Kapec Design Group, Inc. Trained in design and engineering in Japan and the U.S., Mr. Tanaka has extensive experience leading industrial product design initiatives in medical device design, including surgical instruments, laparoscopic instruments, medical diagnostics, hand-held computers, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical packaging, office equipment, and consumer products.

In 1980, he and Jeffrey Kapec founded TKDG, a full-service industrial design consulting firm. Prior to founding TKDG, Mr. Tanaka supported several university and corporate initiatives in electronic and mechanical packaging engineering, and mechanical and industrial design, including the Earth and Science Department at MIT. Mr. Tanaka studied at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts where he graduated with honors. He also received a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree from Pratt Institute. Mr. Tanaka has taught courses in oriental art and graphic art at the Boston Museum School, an affiliate of Tufts University. He has been awarded 40 utility and design patents in advanced technology and mechanical design.

Jeffrey Kapec

Executive Vice President

Jeffrey Kapec is a Principal and Executive Vice President of Tanaka Kapec Design Group, Inc. He has more than 30 years industrial design and consulting and strategic product development experience in medical instrument design, including orthopedic instrument design and other surgical instruments, medical diagnostic equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, drug delivery systems, technical instruments, office equipment, office furniture design, and consumer products.

Mr. Kapec has been awarded more than 40 national and international utility and design patents in advanced technology, surgical instruments, and mechanical design. In 1980, he and Kazuna Tanaka founded TKDG, a full-service engineering design and industrial design consulting firm. Mr. Kapec also is a professor in the Industrial Design Department at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, and is actively involved in numerous professional design organizations, including the IDSA, Rowena Reed Kostellow Fund and Core77. He graduated with honors from Pratt Institute, receiving a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree.

Yukiko Naoi

Creative Director

Yukiko is a creative leader focused on experience design and services across TKDG. She brings over 10 years of experience in the design and development of innovative user experiences for a wide variety of products, platforms, and services. She drives the innovative thinking and strategic product development to create new product design that address the challenges and opportunities of TKDG's clients. She holds a bachelor's degree in interior design from Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan and a master's degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute, NY. Yukiko also completed a post-graduate internship in the Integrative Therapies Program for Children with Cancer at Columbia University Medical Center.