Good commercial product design changes throughout the life-cycle of a product

Today’s competitive market demands design excellence.   Standing out among the crowd can only be achieved through thoughtful design. Commercial products are engaged by users daily and they expect more than basic functionalism to win them over.   TKDG integrates intelligent industrial design with ergonomics, function, and design for manufacturability, elements which lead to powerful brand identity.  TKDG believes that a well-designed product will enhance the quality of workplace and the environment that make up that community.


Industrial Design for Class 10 Cleanroom

Rudolph Technologies: MetaPULSE® Thin Film Metrology System

Multidisciplinary Industrial Design Challenge: Using an innovative industrial design approach, TKDG conceived of a modular system for a robotic driven, analytical instrument. Rudolph Technologies MetaPULSE is an opaque film metrology tool that can simultaneously measure single or multi-layer thicknesses of up to six layers on product wafers with Angstrom accuracy and sub-Angstrom repeatability at up to 60 wafers per hour. The modular base system design developed by TKDG enables customers to set up in several different configurations to adapt to each unique wafer and fab room environments while complying with strict clean room requirements for class 10 wafer production. TKDG also provided engineering prototype design services for the sheet metal shelves and covers, produced final production drawings, and oversaw initial beta production.

Award Winner: Best Product Design, 2000, Semiconductor Industry Association


Robust Enclosure Design for Electronics

FedEx®: Super Tracker Handheld Scanning & Tracking Device

The Design Challenge: Redesign the case enclosure for a handheld scanning and tracking device utilized every day in demanding and abusive conditions; meet specific engineering specifications: create a case-hardened form with shock absorbing components that will continue to function after being dropped 10 feet onto a concrete surface.  TKDG design consulting services included case design and CAD modeling of all plastic components, material research and analysis followed by subsequent impact validation testing. 



Public Communication Kiosk for NYC

Telebeam Telecommunications:  Telephone, Wi-Fi Kiosk

Citywide Kiosk design:  a transformative public communications link in NYC, incorporating free Wi-Fi, large LCD display, solar powered backup system, and environmental monitoring technologies. Design consideration included the footprint & presence in commercial and residential neighborhoods; thoughtful features such as interactive way finding, ambient street lighting, cell phone induction charging, provide essential resources and safety information for the community.  The solar powered backup system and sealed enclosure design will keep all communication links continuously operative in times of crisis.  TKDG considered design for manufacturing and efficient site installation requiring only 2 technicians. This design conforms to all NYC building and safety codes including all handicap access and usability requirements.



Personal Design for the Life Science Lab

Thermo Scientific™: Espresso Personal Microcentrifuge

The Design Challenge: Design a mini-centrifuge for use in life science laboratories that provided fast throughput, small volume samples, and quick processing. TKDG developed the form, functional features, component layout, mechanical design, and user interface. Working prototypes were built so that functionality was confirmed before final tooling. The case structure was carefully designed for a rotor moving at 15,000 RPMs to withhold without rupturing the housing and create a deadly hazard over the lifetime of the product. TKDG completed detailed engineering prototype design and managed the manufacturing transfer.


Universal Design for a NYC Experience

One World Observatory™: One World Explorer iPad

One World Explorer is a unique view-enhancing, iPad experience, offering virtual helicopter tours of New York’s most iconic landmarks. The spectacular view seen from the 100th observatory floor is brought up-close in an interactive sight and sound experience where users simply scan the skyline and choose what they wish to explore. Collaborating with Louis Nelson Associates to bring this technology to life, TKDG developed the structural and engineering design for the case that survive high user turn over on a daily basis without damage and followed through with design for efficient manufacturing.  In addition, TKDG developed the system and design for the 500 ipad charging station and transport carts to cycle Explorers to and from the observatory floor.



A Changing Office Landscape

GEIGER International: TABLET® Casegoods Customizable Furniture System

Industrial Design Challenge: Design an office furniture system introducing new concepts that expand flexibility and functionality of office workstations. Working in concert with architect Robert Allen and GEIGER International, TKDG developed innovative industrial design components including moveable rolling work tables, textured diffusers, overhead storage areas, and an elegant array of contrasting and complimenting materials. The project scope included engineering services for the mechanism and structural components.

Award Winner: AIA Design Award in Furniture Systems


True Ergonomic Design Solutions 

Northrop Grumman: US Postal Service Ergonomic Mail Prep Station

The Design Challenge: Design an innovative ergonomic workstation to help USPS workers safely and quickly sort “flats” mail and transition to the high speed bucket automated process. The postal worker must maintain label orientation for every piece in the bundle, while performing repetitive tasks filling the bucklets. This newly designed workstation minimized the potential for repetitive stress disorders and injury, and represented the first postal service product that incorporated ergonomic design to increase throughput and accuracy. The product contributed to significant process improvements at the USPS. This system was an international business success for Northrop Grumman.


High Throughput with Innovative Design

BioVeris: M-SERIES® M384 Microplate Analyzer

The Design Challenge: Create a benchtop workstation for a highly sensitive detection technology utilized for high throughput detection of bi-molecular interactions. The system provides reagent handling, detection, and analysis using BioVeris' patented electrochemiluminescent (ECL) technology.  TKDG’s design of the benchtop workstation simplified the staging and processing; it was intuitive for laboratory technologists to use, thereby improving speed and volume throughput. This instrument is utilized by government agencies for detection of biological terrorism.


Modular Enclosure System Design

PDC International Corporation: High-Speed Precision Shrink Sleeving System

The Design Challenge: Develop a modular safety enclosure system for new high-speed shrink sleeve machinery; reduce the footprint on the production floor and incorporate safety and regulatory compliance for the operator and the equipment. TKDG introduced PDC to new structural materials for the enclosure design and integrated a simplified modular assembly to reduce installation time and costs.  The key role of success was introducing new materials utilized in architectural field to bring color and texture to emulate contemporary architecture in miniature which became a PDC signature, cultivating a brand identity.


Design for a Magnificent Centrifuge

Thermo Scientific Savant: Discovery SpeedVac® Centrifuge

The Design Challenge: Working closely with the Thermo Scientific Savant engineering team, design a high throughput, high-volume concentrator centrifuge. The SpeedVac system utilizes state-of-the-art centrifugation, vacuum and heat technologies for removing solvents and concentrating drug compound samples while maintaining the integrity. TKDG design team started with extensive ethnographic user research, visiting many of the largest pharma R&D labs and recording user activities.  TKDG produced multiple design iterations with full scale ergonomic mock ups to validate user performance.  Final design execution included a full set of CAD models, an elegantly simple graphic user interface design, detailed engineering drawings for the enclosure shells, identified manufacturing resources, and branding signature.



Small and Smart Industrial Product 

Datacolor International:Hand-held Spectrophotometer

Design Challenge:  Incorporate a precise color measurement technology for quality control assessment of color coordinates to maintain the prescribed production tolerances into a hand held package. The instrument provides complete color process control for demanding high volume manufacturing. With best-in-class repeatability and inter-instrument agreement, this is one portable hand held spectrophotometer that achieves very close agreement for all manufactured finishes in the supply chain, enabling consistent digital control of production outcomes. TKDG designed the self-adjusting, surface-angle read head and all internal components layout.  The housing form was perfected to rest comfortably in the hand with balance.  The security and comfort in hand adds quality imparted by design. 


POP Retail Electronic Challenge

Shelf Talker Product Information Concept

TKDG designed a shelf mounted product information display for the box store retail environment. The design challenge was focused on power supply and exploration on inductive charging technology, finding suitable power outlet locations and power line management.


Ergonomic Driven Hand-Held Products

East Hills: High Voltage Transmission Line Jacket Pressure Pump

The Design Challenge: Develop an enhanced mechanical hand operated pump that will be applied in the field by engineers validating the integrity of high voltage transmission lines and coupling joints.  These power cable systems are pressurized with inert gas.  The pump enables an engineer, while elevated 20 – 50 feet on a ladder or bucket, to apply up to 200 psi in the system by manual operation and check for leaks or imperfection in the cable sheathing.  TKDG designed a dual arm linkage and the power grip handle configuration that made this possible for simple activation by hand.